Pillars and Cornerstones FAQs

Why are we conducting a capital campaign?

Our 2021-25 Strategic Plan articulates our overarching goal to be recognized as a Catholic high school of excellence and distinction, making St. John XXIII the destination for families seeking a private, faith-based high school experience in the Katy area. To do so, we must meet the needs of today’s youth and continue to build on our strong foundation by upgrading our facilities and improving their functionality, expanding athletic facilities to attract and retain students, and expanding our chapel to support our students’ spiritual growth and formation.

With the growth of the Greater Katy area – along with subsequent demand for accessible, quality, and Catholic educational options – we seek to raise $3M to improve the SJ23 educational experience through building, upgrading and adding to our unique Catholic identity. These projects enhance our ability to carry out the school’s mission and raise our profile relative to other private schools in the area.

How will the campaign impact the Roncalli Annual Fund, Auction and Gala?

Your donations to the Roncalli Annual Fund, Auction and Gala are vital for the school’s day-to-day operational expenses. We will ask you to consider a pledge that is above and beyond your current giving, as these are capital projects that impact current and future students of St. John XXIII. Therefore, the Pillars and Cornerstones Campaign seeks prayerfully considered, sacrificial, and proportional gifts that exceed our operational needs.

Who is being asked to contribute to the Pillars and Cornerstones capital campaign?

The school leadership is currently recruiting a team of volunteers to help us reach out to benefactors past and present, current and alumni parents, alumni, and others who choose to share in our mission.

Each school family will receive a packet from Principal Joseph Noonan which will include an appeal letter and the campaign case statement detailing the campaign goals and projects. The letter will include a suggested request amount to consider over a three-year pledge period. It is the responsibility of our entire school community to ensure this effort is a success. Every gift will make a significant impact on the future of St. John XXIII.

Is a pledge legally binding?

A pledge is merely a gift and an indicator of your intention to support the campaign and is not legally binding. We do ask that you do your best to meet your pledge commitment and advise us of any financial changes that will impact your pledge, so we can make any necessary adjustments.

When will I be asked for a pledge to the campaign?

Following our Campaign Kickoff, in early 2023, you will receive a packet in the mail with your confidential request letter from Mr. Noonan and campaign case statement. Please review the information in your packet and prayerfully consider how you can support the campaign. The active solicitation phase of the campaign will conclude at the end of May.

How will we manage the replacement of two classrooms absorbed by the enlargement of the Chapel?

We have classrooms that are currently under-utilized, so the need for greater efficiency in the assignment of space will be addressed through the scheduling process. This will serve us well over the next few years, with our enrollment in the 400-500 range.

Will all athletic teams have access to the gyms, fields, and lockers?

SJ23’s policy for Athletic Facility Usage indicates that all Athletics facilities are available to be scheduled by SJ23 coaches for all student-athletes. For example, a typical day for our weight room facilities can be scheduled for a coach-supervised Girls Soccer workout at 3:45-5:00, followed by a coach-supervised workout for Baseball.

Additionally, practices move around campus to assist with weather related schedule changes. Upon completion of all capital campaign projects, SJ23 will have two outdoor fields and two indoor gyms available – effectively doubling the scheduling capacity for practices.

Why aren’t we building a natatorium or track for swim or track athletes?

The building and renovations which are the focus of this capital campaign address our most immediate needs and will significantly improve the operational efficiency of our current campus. Expanded and improved sports facilities resulting from the success of this campaign will allow us to be more competitive with area public and private schools in growing our enrollment. Once enrollment has grown, we can then consider additional projects, such as a track or natatorium. Facilities for swimming, track and field, tennis, an auditorium, locker rooms, and more classrooms are all part of the long-term vision for St. John XXIII with a student population that exceeds 500.

How will the school convince potential donors to give to this campaign even though their child may be a senior and will not experience the new building addition and upgraded facilities?

Our campaign focuses on the importance of our school forming future leaders for our Catholic Church and society, paying it forward, and continuing our tradition.

Will the school have to borrow funds to complete these projects?

SJ23 plans to fund the construction with cash and does not expect to add any long-term debt to complete the projects outlined in the capital campaign. Projects will begin as accumulated cash on hand allows.

What is the timing of the Chapel project?

Our plan is to begin architectural work on the Chapel design concurrent with the official public launch of the Pillars and Cornerstones Campaign in early March, 2023.

Our Chapel was one of the highest priorities in our Planning Study. There are some unique timing constraints to be aware of:

  • Since the project involves demolition, this can only take place during the summer when there are no classes.
  • The design is not finalized, so an architect still must submit and gain approval on the appropriate design.
  • The design work will take some time to make sure it meets our requirements.


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